Friday, August 15, 2008

Thank you Duke Energy

Duke Energy was finally able to get a crew to the building to set us a new pole in the alley. A bit delayed by those mid-summer thunderstorms that brought trees and powerlines down in Southern Indiana. We'll give them a pass on the delay. The new pole will bring our new single phase and three phase services into the building. The building has been upgraded to the 208V Delta system. The old system needed 6 service boxes at the back of the building. Ugly! The new system knocks that down to just two.

More good news! The ugly wire on the front of the building is gone. It took 8 months and numerous calls to Duke to get it removed but persistence paid off. The old line wasn't very attractive and it had started to pull the brick away from the building. The line was apparently only used for the Harvest Homecoming Festival. It certainly didn't belong on a historic building.

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