Friday, January 23, 2009


Sorry for lagging behind on the blog. I've been very busy at the winery. Just to let everyone know. The original maple flooring on the first floor has been planned and will be re-installed starting next week. All of the tank are in and we'll be hooking them up to the glycol cooling system starting next week as well. If all goes as planed we'll be opening our doors sometime in April with a grand opening in May. I'll put some pictures up as soon as I can.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Arriving this morning in New Albany!

Our 8 540 gallon tanks are seen here leaving Atlantic Welding in New Jersey for their journey to New Albany. They'll arrive on Wednesday morning and begin their final move into the winery's basement production area.

Market House Label

One of several labels waiting approval from the federal government. This label features the Middle Market House that was located on East Market Street between State and Pearl Streets.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our Thanksgiving Tanks

Here are two of the eight 540 gallon tanks heading our way from Atlantic Welding in New Jersey. They should be arriving in New Albany just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. How appropriate. Should give us a new reason to celebrate in the future.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Thank you Duke Energy

Duke Energy was finally able to get a crew to the building to set us a new pole in the alley. A bit delayed by those mid-summer thunderstorms that brought trees and powerlines down in Southern Indiana. We'll give them a pass on the delay. The new pole will bring our new single phase and three phase services into the building. The building has been upgraded to the 208V Delta system. The old system needed 6 service boxes at the back of the building. Ugly! The new system knocks that down to just two.

More good news! The ugly wire on the front of the building is gone. It took 8 months and numerous calls to Duke to get it removed but persistence paid off. The old line wasn't very attractive and it had started to pull the brick away from the building. The line was apparently only used for the Harvest Homecoming Festival. It certainly didn't belong on a historic building.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just in case you haven't noticed.

Painting on the pressed metal cornice continues. We think we have finally figured out our paint scheme. You should start seeing it come together down the side of the building. Hopefully, it will translate nicely to the front. We'll post a picture as soon as we get a chance.

Also if you haven't noticed, some of the windows are gone. Ol' House Experts of Madison (IN), have removed six of the windows for restoration. They'll restore the windows using the existing historic glass and repair and replace wood as needed with like materials. Why someone would restore a historic window and not reuse the existing historic glass doesn't make a lot of sense. We had bids to restore the windows using new glass. We were told that they wouldn't be able to remove the old glass without breaking it. We did some quick research online and found out how the real professionals do it.

Ol' House Experts uses the preferred method for restoring the windows. They will be putting the windows into a steam box to soften up the old paint and window glazing. This will allow them to remove the brittle glass without breaking it. We were told that by using this method they could lower the breakage from 50-75% down to only about 5%. We were assured that any broken glass would be replaced by glass that had that old wavy look to it. Thanks to Historic Landmarks of Indiana for turning us on to Jack Patchin and Rhonda Deeg of Ol' House Experts. We can't wait to get some of them back.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our future is quite colorful!

Our plans are to use a six color paint scheme on the building. The picture represents a rough idea of what we're planning. Special thanks to Brenda at Porter Paints on Grantline Road and Kris at Dezine Communications.